Friday, September 19, 2008

September 18, 2008

So nice this time of year, the earth transforming to fall. Oil change at south park exxon and saw CJ who is going to Yankee Stadium Friday for his first and last trip to this hallowed park. Wvu lost to colorado on the road. Stew, bless his heart, is in over his head. Watched it at Gene's.

WIn got hung up in teh kitchen at 123, and she could not get home in time to get O off the bus. So our friend Lisa went to our house and waited at the bus stop. She told O she was taking to the restaurant where his mom was busy for a while working. O said, Okay, and he asked if he could go home and get a pencil first so he could do his homework while he was there. Very cute. I like his priorities.

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