Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October 1, 2008

The month rolls in on a cloud and rain, pushed forth by a cool breeze. I jogged with Mr. Dog and we had a great refreshing pre-light run. He likes it but gets petered out toward the end. Win taught PPlace. O had reading clinic after work and they had Eat n Park. Miles and I walked downtown to Gary's and then to the Beanery. Mmmmm delicious. We saw Will at the Warner working hard.

I took the boys to see Pulp Fiction. Great to see on the big screen. O's fave part was when Marsalis said he was going to go medievel on the gimp and his red neck friend. Miles liked it when the robber pulls out Jules's wallet and it says "Bad Motherf*cker" on it. We all laughed when Vincent accidentally shot the young dude in the back of the car. Some of O's classmates were there with their church youth group.

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Read Me said...

Back when Pulp Fiction was at the movie theater, I told my grandmother, who was 87 or 88 at the time (1993?), that I was going to see it. She said she hadn't been to a movie in years and years and wondered if she could go with me, as she had read that the movie was supposed to be award-worthy, phenomenal, a must-see. She sat there in the seat next to me, with her glaucoma sunglassses, her height shrunk down by her age to about one head shorter than me, in stunned silence the whole time. "WELL! That was a walk through the gutter!" she said when she left the theater. She never asked to watch a movie with me ever again.