Thursday, October 30, 2008

October 29, 2008

Win got our costumes for this weekend. They will look good, but I am not telling you what they are. She went to Goodwill and Pinocchio's. It was cold again, and when O and I left reading clinic, we were hit by a snowstorm of quick large flakes that hit the ground, stayed there for a minute, and then melted. Welcome winter. We also went to South to talk to some of Miles's teachers. They like him a lot and see him as a very intelligent and high-performing student who needs to speak more. Classes in his sixth grade cohort would probably move along a little quicker if all of the students in his classes could read. But alas, public education is not without its shortcomings. Sarah K reassured us that she had a good experience. O had friends over, Kyle and Conner, and they played army men and just played. O has a way of reeling in friends to do what he wants, like set up huge armies in his room like WWII all over again.

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