Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January 26, 2009

I stayed home under the weather and under the covers mostly asleep. The cozy room is a good place to be when not feeling well. A strange day overall. Win taught. Toby lay on my bed. In the evening, flashing red lights in the street a few doors down. Not sure what is going on, but something. Later, a cat meowed incessantly outside. Morgan got it out of the garage but it lingered. It left once Toby and I played in the yard. It was cold but it did not snow until the night when it started to come down. Miles got Skate 2 with his own money. And now we can box on Wii with a new controller. We had a delicious meal to comemorate the Chinese new Year: bok choy, chicken, and dumplings for dessert.

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