Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February 16, 2009

Dinner with legal types, good folks and hard working ones too. All day busy. Judge Buergenthal from The Hague spoke at Law and it was great. Good turnout and great questions. Lunches, dinners, etc. Work work work and then sleep, hardly a moment for kid hugging or pet loving. Though his adoration of me and affection for me were warmly and enthusiastically expressed. Cold weather. O at home sick with scarlet fever. No school for Presidents Day. Miles stir crazy, stuck at home.


Anonymous said...

How old is the Judge?
Is he a Bethany College graduate?

Mungerphut said...

He is class of 57 or 59-- Bethany sent 15 students down for his lecture, and a poli sci pofessor made a special comment recognizing and honoring him on behalf of teh college-- the only college that would accept him as a student. It was a nice showing.