Thursday, February 5, 2009

February 4, 2009

O fell asleep with me last night. I read boosk to him and then he and I both read next to each other quietly. I had Updike, and he had a chapter book about a family with a pet pig, a book which he has evidently been stalking at the school library for a while. He read seven chapters. I read less than one.

Anoterh crazy day at work, super busy. Win had a nice class. Miles had Frankie over, and he and O played a lot of Wii. I took O to the WVU womens hoops game vs Seton Hall, but we left at the half because he was bored and I was frustrated. They are trying hard but not executing well. We smuggled in soem Twizzlers and chowed them as desert. At the game, we found out there was a two-hour delay tomorrow on account of teh cold weather, single digits in the morning expected.

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