Monday, April 13, 2009

April 12, 2009

Easter. We woke. We showered. We dressed. We drove to Pittsburgh. Toby was eager to see Tanner and when they saw each other they were ecstatic and played under the blooming magnolia. We had a delicious meal at KK’s and Ray’s with La, Babe, Barbara, and Bill. Great food, but too much and it was hot. Too warm, and I was lulled into a nap in the recliner with Rocky perched happily atop me. Nice. We journeyed home, nine plastic buckets richer. And happier for the food and family company. Win and Miles went to a movie. Willie/y stayed over after seeing Watchmen.

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pajama mom said...

mm went to see watchman also. what did you think? he said, "1/2 hour too long..."