Monday, April 6, 2009

April 5, 2009

Busy day at Ranchero Mungerphuto. I trimmed the holly bush/tree by the
house. This species is like the creatures in Alien: aggressive and
prickly, hard to beat back without harming oneself. I also helped Will
put together some wood to make vegetable garden raised beds. We made
four two-by-two beds out of cheap wood and some palette remnants. He
will have a nice garden in the back patio. He already has some fine
seeds and seedlings. While he was here, he took Toby to the park to
visit his friends playing kickball. They loved him and his pics appear
on several Facebook pages. At two, O and Max played soccer against
Nathaniel, Wyatt, and Hale's team. O and Max won 10-0 with O scoring
three and Max netting five goals. Miles hung out with Arj. French
toast for bfast.

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