Sunday, June 28, 2009

June 28, 2009

I woke early and in the late morning I visited Kris and Ben because Ben wanted to see Toby before I left. They both got muddy and we hosed them down. A nice visit with the little guy and I got to see his garden and all its peas. I cleaned up a bit and did some more laundry, ate some more perishables. Napped a bit and then took Toby out. He napped on me, so sweet in our little space together. I heard from Win and the boys. They love the new iPhone and they are having fun at the beach- lots of biking and lots of beach time. I visited Gene's and helped Al break down the stage. Had a chicken that Casey had made on the grill earlier. Good stuff. In an effort to really experience Morgantown and West Virginia culture one last time, I visited a hot spot-- Jax, which is CHUD central. Yuck. Went home.

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