Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June 30, 2009

I woke up early and scooted around the house. I packed up the car-- four bins of clothes, a computer needin' fixin', and a few bags of odds and ends. AT 9ish, I petted Toby and hit the road to Lewisburg. Win and the boys at Cape May, so only Toby to say fare thee wells to. No air conditioning in the car posed some comfort challenges all day, but cracked windows helped. I listened to the black keys for much of the way. Stopped in Altoona for a cobb salad at Panera and rolled in at 2ish. Got my keys to my Mod (#33) and promptly locked myself out of it. There is nothing here but a few towels and cheap pots and pans. I went to Wal Mart and to Big Lots and picked up essential foods, accoutrements, and an iPhone player/radio that kicks ass. In the evening, I ate grapes on the deck and listened to the Pirates beat the Cubs, 3-0. In bed with thin cheap sheets and blankets. Emailed and talked to Win. She and the boys had a great day on the beach. O loves bike rides and playing in the sand, really loves it which is funny because we went to the beach once when he was small and he hated the sand and heat. Now he loves it.

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Jerry Hennen said...

I can't believe you pulled a "Coach Rodriguez". First the football team goes to hell, and now the school will be broke.