Saturday, April 30, 2011

April 29, 2011

Win's back is better and she is more mobile. It was a beautiful day for birds and dogs. Not so much for fish. The Susquehanna crested in the afternoon. I saw a duck chase a crow. What if the river just kept getting higher, such as forever? O ran around with his friends in the neighborhood. They are excited about paintball this Sunday. In the evening, Win and I went for a walk, even though she was cold. We walked to the football stadium and I watched LAX, a semifinal game. Bucknell poured it on Lehigh and defeated them. Miles experimented with soldering and photoshop and making new devices I don't understand for his camera/phone. He discovered he can hook his camera up to the telescope and someday when there are no clouds maybe we can see what happens when you point them all at Mars. Or Jupiter. Or the moon. More than 700 people have looked at his suitcase pinhole camera picture, 30-hour exposure, on the Internet thing.

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