Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 14, 2011

A big day. O had soccer and his team won 3-1. He did well on offense. So hard to score. Great matchup. They play Wyeth's team. So I hung out with Finn during the game. After that we went with Abbey and little C to Knoebels, a big amusement park. Overcast and cool so it was not much crowded. We all went on the ferris wheel and it was fun. Then Win and Miles went on big scary rides while we other folks went on smaller rides or just watched people. Admission is free And rides are inexpensive. It rained a bit and Win was cold so we left after a few hours. Then Win and I went to Shelby's graduation party. Great porch and lots of people and music. Win made several desserts-- a tart, German chocolate cake and a trifle. All delicious. Came home late. Toby attended too but the drums scared him.

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